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LRC® Documents

The expectation of clients from their professional advisor is to receive concise advice that will provide them with confidence and a robust position when necessary.  A cornerstone of an accountant’s and financial planner’s practice are documents that are well considered, drafted, maintained and updated.  Easy and online accessibility of documents is not enough if consideration, appropriate drafting and maintenance of currency are absent.

A key benefit of your LRC® Membership is access to LRC® Documents - instant, easy and efficient access to the highest quality standard legal documents.

The advantages of LRC® Documents are:

  • Being able to generate and access documents instantly
  • Being able to save the documents to your system
  • That all documents available online are updated automatically as Cleary Hoare update precedents as a result of legislative change (changes can not be made to documents retrospectively)

From your perspective, LRC® Documents mean:

  • Reliable documents from a trustworthy and known source
  • Up to date documents
  • No delays and immediate access
  • A system that is easy to use for you and your staff

No other provider in the market can deliver the quality, control, and efficiency of the LRC® document system.

To view the complete list of LRC® online documents and prices please click here.   

If you require a customised legal document, please contact one of our specialist tax lawyers.