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Commercial and Rural Transactions

We believe providing commercial legal advice goes beyond just "dotting the i's and crossing the t's".  Whilst housekeeping is extremely important, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients extract real value from every commercial transaction.

If you operate a business, ask yourself - are you confident that your business structure and operational contracts deliver the best results possible?  That is, a result which delivers the lowest tax and stamp duty cost and highest level of protection of your business capital?

At Cleary Hoare, we specialise in tax.  However, tax advice cannot be provided in a vacuum.  Instead, we apply our tax knowledge to each stage of the life of your business; from choosing the best structure at the outset, investment and growth, capital protection and, finally, succession planning.  Each of these phases offer unique challenges and opportunities.  As you move through each stage of your business journey, our aim is to both maximise and protect your net worth.

We pride ourselves on providing strategic, innovative and, above all, practical advice, tailored to your specific circumstances.  In formulating solutions, we focus on achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients in the following key areas:

  1. Capital protection;
  2. Flexibility in the distribution of income;
  3. Maximisation of value; and
  4. Minimisation of future restructure costs.

We understand that, in order to genuinely service your needs, we have to first understand your personal and business circumstances and goals.  Our practice is to work closely with your accountant or financial planned to develop a strategy that takes into consideration all aspects of your financial situation.  Unlike many law firms, we do not charge for initial consultations.  It costs nothing to meet with one of our experienced practitioners and hear their preliminary observations and recommendations.  No fees are charged unless you agree to our quote. 

For most private business owners, your business is your greatest financial asset and your retirement fund.  Do not put this asset at risk with inferior commercial legal advice.

Our commercial areas of focus include:

  1. Shareholder/buy-sell arrangements;
  2. Business sales/purchases;
  3. Leasing;
  4. Franchising;
  5. Managed investment schemes;
  6. General commercial advice;
  7. Share/equity sales;
  8. Asset/property sales and purchases;
  9. Joint ventures; and
  10. Equity/capital raising.

 If you would like a review of your commercial agreements or require the assistance of experienced commercial lawyers who are tax specialists, please contact us.